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dosemu and freedos


Looking through past messages of this list it seems that the freedos shipped
with Debian (Slink) doesn't support lredir. Is their any point shipping it
then as this seems to prevent any access to your hard drives. Also the
"setup-dosemu" program appears to be missing, does anyone know if there is a
deb with it in or do I need to get it from the sources.

Finally is it possible to add a program to the hdimage.first using mcopy,
whenever I try it I get an error thus:-

dasterdly:/home/pcolbeck/tsmain/USERS/PCOLBECK# mcopy ./NET33X.EXE g:  
Internal error, dirty end too big 8800 6e00 1a00 28160
Streamcache allocation problem:G 3



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