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Re: Secure Mailer

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> A quick glance at the web site doesn't indicate that Secure Mailer
> (Wietse Venema's software) has been packaged yet.  Anyone know if it has

There are a unstable package for postfix-19981230-1, I have briefly watchd
a test installation of the MTA, and the installer scripts are broken. I
have been activly using (my own compiled postfix) for some days now at my
site and I think it works very well. My mail server is a 386sx-16, 4Mb
memory and the enormus disk of 200Mb (just upgraded from my old 50Mb disk,
and Debian 1.3), the installation on my domain is mainly for tesing and
eveluation the software. I have found things that I like to look closer

1) Postfix reports
      EXPN balp
      502 Error: command not implemented
   I don't know if this is configuration or time, but I like to EXPN mail

2) Is it possible to get postfix to do ident lookup on incomming smtp

And then there has to be some serious perforamce testing :)

/ Anders

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