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Re: removing ^M from a text file

I found a useful way of converting a file, simply load it into
Netscape browser and it will not display the ^M characters.

Then you can print it off or copy (alt-c) and paste the text
into an editor, or put it into netscape composer.


"M.C. Vernon" wrote:
> Dear all,
>         I had the misfortune to be stuck with MSWrite over the vac, and
> although I told it to save as plain text, it didn't. I can delete most of
> the cruft, but there is ^M at the end of each and every line. I've tried
> catdoc, word2x, and sed, but none of them will remove them. Can you
> suggest anything, please?
> please cc me as I'm not on this list ATM.

John Stevenson, Objective Alliance: www.oa.nl
"Its grip'd, its sorted.."

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