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Re: resolv.conf problems

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999 adzuki@tahoe.cs.dartmouth.edu wrote:

>   I mistyped my DNS ip address when setting up networking here.  I
> fixed resolv.conf to reflect the actual ip.  Here's the problem: after a
> boot, names don't resolve.  If I su to root and take down the network
> and restart it (via "/etc/inet.d/network down", then
> "/etc/inet.d/network up") then it works.  Does someone know how to fix
> this?  I do not want to do the poor mickey mouse solution of adding
> those 2 commands to some startup script; I'd rather understand what's
> going on in my system.  

I don't understand the problem. The IP address of your machine should
occur in two places: /etc/hosts and /etc/init.d/network. The /etc/hosts
entry should have the proper host name to IP address mapping. The
/etc/init.d/network contains only the IP address/netmask, etc. information
so your network interface(s) can be configured at boot time. 
/etc/resolv.conf doesn't contain your machine's IP address, it should be
the IP address of the nameserver(s) that are providing DNS service to your
machine. If your machine is at home, then most probably the DNS server is
provided by your ISP. If your machine is at work/school, then your DNS
server is on their network and is administered by your IT/MIS people. The
DNS server's IP address should be in /etc/resolve.conf.  They should have
assigned you an IP address and host name which should go in /etc/hosts.
The IP address/netmask info should also be in /etc/init.d/network.

Hope this helps...

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