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Re: Lyx with typein

kushnir@pccmu1.fnal.gov (Alexander Kushnirenko) writes:

> > This is my personal opinion.  I'm not particularly enthusiastic
> about Lyx, it does not give me any speed up at all to build TeX
> file. 
Well, i too prefer XEmacs with AUCTeX and RefTeX for my writing, but
LyX is very nice in it's own right.  I wouldn't really want to use it
for my daily work though because it feels so PC'ish.

> But more importantly thing that
> worries me is that there seems to be very little support behind LyX,
> project looks dying to me.  Please, please tell me that I am wrong,
> after all I would love good interface around TeX.
The project is alive and well.  They are actually preparing for a 1.0
release and have recently released version 1.0.0pre7 for testing
purposes.  Check out "http://www.lyx.org/";.

> > I use Xemacs AucTeX
That's actually the best for LaTeX IMHO. ;-)

[ snip ]

jameson@mnsinc.com (Jameson Burt) writes:

> The author of lyx works heavily on kde.
But he has passed the torch for LyX to the current development team
since quite long ago.  LyX is still very actively and well maintained.
Check out "http://www.lyx.org/"; please.

> Since lyx, he has developed klyx.
> I believe the klyx version number is in the upper .9*,
> more impressive than a lyx of 0.12.
No, it isn't.  KLyX is based upon an older version of LyX and won't be
developed any more until the official LyX team has succeeded in
separating LyX into a backend and a frontend layer to allow third
parties the development of different GUI frontends.  Expect some
complete rewrites for KLyX and possibly a GLyX sometime next year.
I'd be very much in favour of a GNUstep LyX and a SLang or ncurses
based version for the console.

KLyX doesn't contain some of the very nice newer capabilities of the
current LyX versions like e.g. an amazingly well working LaTeX import
filter called reLyX.

> Unfortunately, I don't see a debian version of klyx in either the
> hamm or slink distributions.
You can fetch a (by now slightly outdated) unofficial binary .deb of
lyx-1.0.0pre6 from "ftp://ntama.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian/unofficial/";.

                                Cheers, P. *8^)
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