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Re: SQLs Servers in Debian

>> "PHBdO" == Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira <baptista@cos.ufrj.br> writes:

PHBdO> 2) Is there any frontend gui to mysql in Debian Hamm or Slink
PHBdO> or Potato?

xmysql and xmysqladmin

PHBdO> 3) Browsing documentation of mysql (mysql manual), I tried to
PHBdO> start mysq l and connect to mysql database as a normal user,
PHBdO> but the following error occurs:

PHBdO> [13:52:30]paulo@phantasy:~$mysql mysql
PHBdO> ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database
PHBdO> 'mysql'

Your user doesn't have permission to access the database from this

You know the username and password for the administrative account? If
not, You will have to delete the mysql database to clear al entries
and define a new administrative account.

The permission system used by mysql is rather delicate. Try
xmysqladmin and respect the comments in the "Grant rights" dialogs.


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