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After upgrading to 2.0, my named has broken.

I previosuly had (for various reasons) a boot.options.online and a
boot.options.offline. Which worked great.

These specified forwarders etc to use.

But now I have this file /etc/named.conf, which I have no idea how it works,
or where to find some info on.

Can anyone help me here, I really need to get DNS lookups going agn. At the
moment DNS lookups are going to all sorts of hosts.

But what I need is to know where/who to point *MY* dns server at my 2 ISP's

This will at least get alot of stuff working again, at the moment my box is
seriously broken since upgrading to 2.0 from 1.3.1

Just wish I had left it all alone now :(

Nidge Jones

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