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A few (simple?) questions...

Hi, I was able to get Debian installed and everything I need working but I
have a few questions:

1) How do you change the colours of xterm? Right now, when I click on it I
get a black on white window. I can type xterm -bg black -fg white to get a
new xterm window with the colours I want.

2) What is dwww? I noticed in the menu directory where all the names of
entries into the debian menu are that lots of choices aren't being displayed
because they require 'dwww'.

3) How do I set a screensaver to activate? The menu lists many but I don't
know how to set them. Also, I downloaded the opengl(?) screensavers and I
can run them but they aren't listed under the screensaver section.

Thanks for the help, I'm really enjoying getting used to Debian and Linux.


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