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[Help] Problem on Printer port MO

Dear Debian users,

I am planing to buy a printer port MO. But I am worry about that
Debian/Linux does not have driver to use it. I know that Linux 
can use SCSI MO, or SCSI ZIP or printer port ZIP, but how about
printer port MO? Is anyone has the experience?

If Debian can use the printer port MO, then when I do large file I/O,
will the system loading be too high to do other things? I have heard
the under M$ systems, if we do large file I/O under the printer port
MO, then the system will halt or become very slow. Is that will also
occure under Linux? And, what is the speed of I/O? Please give me a 
roughly order, 100 MB writting for 10 mins? half an hour or ....?

If you use the printer port ZIP, please also talk about your experience 
about these questions. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Sincerely yours,


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