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Re: [Off Topic] Ideas on providing low cost email access to schools

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999,  Raymond A. Ingles wrote:

> > The Linux machine will queue all the outgoing mail.  This Linux machine
> > will then dial another school or hub (via. PPP) during the off-peak
> > hours and send out the emails from the queue.
> > Questions
> > ^^^^^^^^^
> > 1. Has something like this been implemented elsewhere?  It would be nice
> > if I had more actual technical details on how this has been implemented.
>  Yes, you have just reinvented FIDONET. Do a web search on that and you'll
> turn up some information. It reigned in the days of Bulletin Board Systems
> (BBS's). During off-peak hours, the BBS's would call each other and
> exchange data and email. Email (though slow by today's standards) was
> possible from one end of the US to the other.

I do this very thing with UUCP over TCP/IP.  Let's say you have a domain
... my-domain.org ... and someone can do DNS for you. No problem, MX you
mail to any host on the internet willing to accept and spool your mail for
you for UUCP pickup. Now, you dial your local ISP, connect to the remote
host on port 540 (UUCP) collect all the waiting mail for your domain and
hang up the phone.  Simple.  Also, all the mail stays in internet
addressing style with modern mailers. No need for old style path!user

As for school-to-school relay, we have such a system with sbay.org ...
have a look at our website. "We don't need no steeenking Internet" to move
mail around in Silicon Valley!

George Bonser

>From our family to you, a toast. Peace, Health, and Prosperity.  

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