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Re: libodbc & PostGres SQL

In article <cistron.3690CBD1.EEF9F6AF@inm.es>,
Jose Rodriguez  <jrguez@inm.es> wrote:
>I'm using the Postgres SQL database under Debian, and would like to
>convert my machine in a Database server. I would like to serve other
>machines which run under Win9x .  One solution for this is via odbc.
>However, libodbc.so is not installed in my system (I couldnt't find it),
>but I know it does exits for Linux. Is the ODBC library packaged for
>Debian? Wich package contains it?

ODBC is a client-side thing. You need an ODBC library on your Windows
station that can talk to the Postgres server.

Check out the postgres homepage http://www.postgresql.org/ for
pointers to Windows ODBC libs for Postgres.

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