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Re: Xdm on remote servers.

Johan Berglund <listjobe@moosenet.w.se> writes:

> I have xdm installed on my server and have configured it to not start a
> local xserver. I also have a win98 computer with eXceed configured for
> XDMCP broadcast. I get the login window and it is able to authenticate me
> as a user and then the login window shows up again and it only loops.

You might need to write your own .xsession that _doesn't_ start a
window manager.  Try:

$ cd
$ mv .xsession .xsession-old
[Might get an error if you don't have one already.]
$ cat > .xsession
exec xterm
^D [That's Control-D.]
$ chmod +x .xsession

And see what happens then.

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