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Re: apache-ssl-1.1.3

-> On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Matus "fantomas" Uhlar wrote:
-> > dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of apache-ssl:
-> >  apache-ssl depends on apache-common (>= 1.3.3); however:
-> >   Version of apache-common on system is 1.3.0+1.19-1.
-> > 
-> > anyway i didn't found apache-common-1.3.3 on FTP server; what's wrong ? 
-> > that server doesn't seem to be out-of date...
-> You should look for it in slink (frozen) not in hamm (stable).
-> AFAIK it is possible to get source version of apache from slinkk and
-> recompile it under hamm.

i just upgraded to slink but I haven't found it too; that's wh I'm asking...
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin at NETLAB+ Kosice, Slovakia
 BIC coord for *.sk; admin of netlab.irc.sk; co-admin of irc.felk.cvut.cz

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