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Re: linux window manager

Darko Martic <damartic@public.srce.hr> writes:

> Hi !
> Which window manager is the best? 

Of course, the one I use ;-)

> I meen, which one has graphical configurations, which one users
> prefer

I like Window Maker (wmaker).  You should install the newest version
in the unstable directory if possible.

> (za one koji znaju hrvatski: koji je najzastupljeniji) 


> and software is specialy created for, like KPPP, and such things?

Well, there are some little applications that can be placed into the
icon bars (called dock and clip) without any problem.  I use wmcdplay,
wmitime (a little clock), wwmon (system monitor), wmppp (a ppp
monitor, patched to support ISDN), and wmmail.


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