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Re: uninstalling smail when a self compiled MTA is present

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998 12:56:37 -0500, you wrote:
>The necessary package for telling Debian that you've got a locally
>built mail-transport-agent installed is "equivs". 


>The "equivs" package only seems to be available from http://www.debian.org
>and not from any mirror sites.  Or at least that was what seemed to be the
>case when I was doing all of this....

My local mirror had the package. Here is what I did

(1) Download Package
(2) dpkg --install equivs_1.0.5-3.deb
(3) create single-line file /etc/equivs.conf containing
(4) run debian/rules binary
(5) fail
(6) install devel/debmake
(7) file bug report because this dependency is not recorded
    in the equivs package
(8) run debian/rules binary
(9) succeed this time, creating /usr/src/equivs_1.0.5-3_all.deb
(0) =>ROOT<=@torres:/usr/src # dpkg --install equivs_1.0.5-3_all.deb
|dpkg: regarding equivs_1.0.5-3_all.deb containing equivs:
| smail conflicts with mail-transport-agent
|  equivs provides mail-transport-agent and is to be installed.
|dpkg: error processing equivs_1.0.5-3_all.deb (--install):
| conflicting packages - not installing equivs
|Errors were encountered while processing:
| equivs_1.0.5-3_all.deb
|=>ROOT<=@torres:/usr/src #

So I seem to be in a circular situation: I can't install equiv package
just made because I have smail installed. I can't uninstall smail
because I have numerous packages that require mail-transport-agent.

How do I get out of this circle?


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