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Re: debian-cd package broken? (hamm)

Pann McCuaig wrote:
> OK, I have a few questions.  Background:
> We have a mirror (debian.ssc.com for those on the west coast who hadn't
> noticed) which makes on-site installs a breeze. However, we have
> employees who'd like to install Debian at home, so I thought "Gee, we
> have a mirror, why don't I just burn a CD or two?"
> Question 1:  Why??
> hamm: debian-cd_2.0.3.deb


> slink: debian-cd_2.0.2.deb


Don't even think about trying to use debian-cd for it.  Please subscribe
to debian-cd@lists.debian.org.  A new method of creating slink cds is
being developed there.  The hamm package debian-cd is useless for this
and will be removed from slink.

> Question 2: (the words "hack" and "frozen" both make me nervous in this
>              context)

They do?  Maybe some valium may help... :)



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