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Re: debian-cd package broken? (hamm)

In article <[🔎] 19981229144238.B3959@ssc.com> you write:
>OK, I have a few questions.  Background:

[ Simple responses to most of these, your biggest problem is #4 ]

>We have a mirror (debian.ssc.com for those on the west coast who hadn't
>noticed) which makes on-site installs a breeze. However, we have
>employees who'd like to install Debian at home, so I thought "Gee, we
>have a mirror, why don't I just burn a CD or two?"
>Question 1:  Why??
>hamm: debian-cd_2.0.3.deb
>slink: debian-cd_2.0.2.deb

Good question...

>Question 2: (the words "hack" and "frozen" both make me nervous in this
>             context)
>There is a line in 'Configuration':
># This is not the released version
>which I changed to 
>and there is a comment in 'Rules':
># Create a dists/ subdir in debian/ subdir of the tmpdir.
>define init-dists
># Hack for frozen
>	(cd $(ARCHIVE); cp -dpRPl dists/$(STATUS) $(TMPDIR_MAIN)/debian)
>	-ln -s $(STATUS) $(TMPDIR_MAIN)/debian/dists/stable
>	-ln -s ../hamm $(TMPDIR_MAIN)/debian/dists/hamm

OK, it hasn't been updated since hamm was "frozen" then.

>Question/Comment 3:
>I want to burn a hamm CD. I execute 'make binary-i386' and
>/usr/src/debian-cd/Rules breaks down because it wants to copy
>fips15.zip and fips15c.zip, but the only file available for it is
>/home/ftp/pub/debian/tools/fips20.zip. OK, I fixed that. (But perhaps
>the script should be fixed?)

This is a problem on the ftp sites - the tools directories are not
release-specific, so updates to them will result in older tools (like
debian-cd) breaking. 

>Question 4:
>Now things move along swimmingly until mkiofs takes off. I guess it's
>assigning alternate file names. Here is the output, starting with the
>last line that looks correct to me, followed by a line that looks broken
>to me, and ending with the abend of the make.


>/home/ftp/pub/debian/tmp/main/install/resc1440.bin (resc1440-fast.bin)
>Unable to open disc image file
>make: *** [binary-i386] Error 1

Hmmm. Check on where the output iso image should be going and make sure
you have write permissions there. I'd guess you're trying to write the
images somewhere under the mirror and you're not able to.

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