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booting recalictrant machine, or tar from resc1440

I really only need tar & split from this machine; i need to move large 
dos directories between a non-networked, phoneless win3.1 machine, and 
my slowly connected & cdless laptop.  This seems to mean copying to 

msbackup is, well, msbackup.  After spending 15 minutes on the  first 
disk, I gave up on it.  It appeared that it would be easier to put a 
tiny install of linux in.  I'm assuming tom's will do the job.

Unfortunately, this machine has (presumably) a heat problem.  It's a 94 
AT&T with a 486/120 added.  The prior owner had sig11 problems trying 
to install redhat, and I'm seeing excessive segmentation violations.

After several tries, I managed to get everything unpacked, though i had 
to untar base2_0.tgz by hand.  It thinks it is fully configured, though 
it segfaults for each module it tries to look at.

However, It cannot successfully write a boot disk or install lilo.  I 
don't know what the error messge is on the first; it is hidden behind a 
dialog box.  What i can see of lilo's says something about chroot.

I've tried booting from resc1440 as "linux root=/dev/hda2" and "resc 
root=/dev/hda2", as well as from a bootdisk freshly made by my thinkpad 
with the same options.  In all cases I get through boot, and a hang on 
"unable to open initial console"

Any ideas?

And does anyone know how to clean the filters on a power supply?  I'm 
assuming that it isn't providing adequate cooling, and i don't see any 
practical way to add another fan (the card slot ram i have from 
compunerd (?) is a joke' when it deigns to run, it doesn't push much 



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