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metamail aternative display methods?

I'd like metamail to offer me _all_ of the possible display
machanisms until I say yes to one of them:
In my ~/.mailcap I have:

 application/msword; /opt/WordPerfect8/wpbin/xwp %s
 application/msword; /opt/StarOffice-5.0/bin/soffice %s
 application/msword; word2txt %s

When I view it with metamail (or mhn which calls metamail), it
prompts me like so:

 This message contains 'application/msword'-format data.
 Do you want to view it using the 'xwp' command (y/n) [y] ? 

Only the first entry is prompted-for.  It would be nice if it
prompted for `soffice' if I said no to `xwp' and so on.

It this possible?  I couldn't find anything in the metamail or
mailcap man pages, but maybe I missed it.  
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