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Re: C libraries?

On Tue, Dec 29, 1998 at 02:20:17PM -0500, Craig P. McDaniel wrote:
> I'll give it away before my questions do - I'm a Linux newbie (Woohoo!). I
> always try to find my answers in documentation first, but I'm still
> stumped on this one.
> I have installed the .deb packages for libc5, libc6, and I think glibc2
> (not at home right now). Does this mean I can run all three types of
> binaries? Which library will be used when I compile an app from source?

libc6 is the same as glibc2. Debian has libc6 libraries and some other
stuff end with a "g" on the end of the packagename to specify that it's a
libc6 package. There are also things in the oldlibs/ section for old libc5
programs, so if you have those you can run libc5 apps.

When you compile things, the binary will be libc6, unless you get the
-altdev package, and follow the procedure to make a libc5 binary

Rafael Kitover

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