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Re: killing D processes

Pere Camps wrote:
> Hi!
> 	How do I kill this processes?

Reboot the machine.

> root       844  4.0  0.0     0     0  ?  DW   14:46   0:24 (quotacheck)
> root      1041  0.0  0.3   744   344  ?  D    14:51   0:00 umount /xtd/
> root      1119  0.1  0.5   868   500  ?  D    14:53   0:00 repquota -a
> 	I've tried with kill -9 pid but nothing happened. Is there
> anything I can do without having to reboot?

Please refer to the documentation of top and ps.  'D' as status means
non-interruptible.  This is used when opening a file for writing, mounting
or umounting filesystems etc.  You can't interrupt or terminate a program
in such a state.

'D' mainly occurs if you run into severe disk problems - or removed
a disk without telling the system.  In case of severe disk problems
a reboot combined with a filesystem check would be a good idea.



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