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xdm (slink)

I am having some weirdness with the version of xdm in slink.  When the
package installed and did its setup, xdm started itself.  I thought this
was a test, like when you install the Xserver, but xdm did not then
shutdown.  I killed it and eventually rebooted.  Now in /etc/X11/config
I have no-start-xdm.  When my system came back up, xdm started again. 
I've tried touching /etc/X11/config, recreating it, etc...  Short of
renaming /etc/init.d/xdm, I can't find any way of stopping xdm now. 
Anyone have any ideas (other than that the xdm package has a bug, which
I suspect)?


Oh and if this message comes through as html, let me know; I seem to be
having a problem getting netscape to stop.

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