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Re: Some newbie questions

Hi Tam,

binary CD is correct.

the file you want is in /install

Any more questions - just ask !


At 09:41 AM 12/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>      	I just bought an official Debian CD. But my computer does not 
>boot from CDs. 
>   ->What do I do?
>	I read the installation guide and it says: "In the case that your 
>computer does not support bootable CDs, you should boot into DOS, and 
>execute boot.bat file which is located in the \boot directory on your CD."
>   ->But there isn't any boot.bat file under the \boot directory on my CD,
>     can anyone tell me what to do to get it. (This is the binary CD that 
>     i am talking about, so am i using the right CD? the other two CD are  
>     source and contribution)
>If anyone knows, please help me, I appreciate it.
>Also I am a newbie just beginning to learn linux, so dumb it down when 
>you explain it to me.
>Linux Rules!
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