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Re: need g++ 2.8 and g++ 2.7

On Sat, Dec 19, 1998 at 11:25:07 -0700, Zooko wrote:
> A company that i am working for insists that the software i'm writing has
> to compile with g++ 2.8 (that's right, the "official", GNU one, _not_
> egcs).

The only visible FSF gcc development is that once in a while someone on the
gnu.* groups claims it isn't dead. Have you tried explaining the current
reality to them?

> Is there a g++2.8 package hidden in some darkened corner, or am i going to
> have to (ugh!) run "make bootstrap" all by myself?

Once upon a long ago, I made FSF gcc 2.8.[01] packages for
project/experimental. They have been removed now (as they weren't up to date
to coexist with the regular gcc and EGCS packages, and could cause library

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