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Re: Triple click: changing click interval: SOLVED

The parameter that can be changed is the "maximum click interval".
This can be changed with
   xterm -mc 500
for 500 milliseconds.  I believe the default is 250 milliseconds.
This gives me time to make another click if all three clicks haven't been 
recognized.  My problem probably did not demand a "minimum click interval" and 
I presume Linux recognizes a very small interval between clicks.  My mouse 
probably isn't sending every click, so I need time (from "-mc 500") to send 
another click;  perhaps I am not clicking my mouse properly.
The corresponding X-resource is 

Przemek Klosowski brought up another characteristic of triple clicks.
They include a "newline" that you usually do not want.
To exclude a "newline" on triple clicks, use
   xterm -cn
or use the X-resource

I usually make my options explicit in .xsession or an alias.
I currently use the following long list of options.

xterm     -cr red -j -si -sk -mc 500 -cn -sb -sl 500 -bg wheat -geom 
128x43+0+0   -xrm xterm.vt100.pointerColor:blue  -xrm 
xterm.vt100.pointerColorBackground:yellow  -xrm xterm.vt100.pointerShape:gumby 

Here, I have found that the sroll length "-sl 500" should be less than 1500 or 
xterm starts to use much more memory.  The "gumby" really is a gumby pointer, 
with pointy head and all.  I prefer gumby because, unlike the "I" beam, since 
only his finger points to a character, he does not interfere with reading a 
character or word on a line of interest.

How did I finally find this solution?
Mostly, I needed somewhat unique keywords.
"mouse" was too general, while "click" was fairly specific.
"triple click" was more specific.
Since mail-list, news-list, and HOWTO lists turned up no answers, I tried some 
package searches,
   dpkg -L xbase  |xargs zgrep -i click   |less
The "-L" lists all the files in the debian package "xbase".
"xargs" puts pipe arguments after your following command and arguments -- this 
is one of the niftyest tools in Linux, one I only found a year ago.
The "less" pipe works nicely when control characters get printed, so your 
screen needn't be reset.

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