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Triple click: changing click interval recognized

I would like to lower the minimum time until the next mouse click is 
recognized.  I have looked a bit in xbase, xterm, and fvwm2 documentation, but 
I haven't stumbled onto how to change the minimum time between mouse clicks.

Why? Linux users use the command line a great deal.
They often want to copy part of a command line (double click) and sometimes 
all of a command line (triple click), triple clicks are especially helpful 
across two xterm windows.  I seem to click too quickly with three triple 
clicks, though I have noticed variable acceptance of my clicks.  I can usually 
get three clicks to highlight the whole line with about 1/2 second intervals 
between clicks.

Jim Burt, NJ9L,		Fairfax, Virginia, USA
jameson@mnsinc.com	http://www.mnsinc.com/jameson
jameson@pressroom.com	(703) 235-5213 ext. 132  (work)

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