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Re: xterm not found in slink

Peter Berlau wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 27, 1998 at 06:52:00PM +0100, Gernot Bauer wrote:
> Hi Gernot
> xterm is in his own package at slink
> therefore You must get the package
> xterm
> also
> xmodmap, if You needed

Thank you Peter (and all the others who replied me on debian-user),

but unfortunately the problem still exists. To be more specific: I dont
have any xterm- or xdm-packages to install...

That's what I did: 
- upgrade to slink via dselect
- apt-dselect and upgrade the Packages files (standard-settings for apt)

There are many "obsolete" packages (like xbase-client and others - when
I try to de-install them, I get dependency-errors...) but no xdm or
xterm-package. :(

Is it a problem of my debian-mirror?

Wolfgang Gernot Bauer
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