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Re: to mirror or not to mirror

On Sun, 27 Dec 1998, Marco Frattola wrote:

> hi to all the list,
> merry xmas and happy new year.

Same to you.

> one of the two server (call it the master) periodically receive new
> files, scattered in many dirs. the second server (call it the slave)
> has to catch up. they're connected via an ISDN line and i thought they
> could synchronize during night hours, where telco bill is cheaper. but
> i never played with mirror, nor i know of any alternative, and i'd
> like to get advice from those who have already played with such toys.
> i could also write some ad-hoc sh/perl thing, but i'd rather not
> reinvent the wheel ..

If you aren't saving a ftp site locally, maybe you should consider rsync.
I use it nightly to backup a server at work to a secondary server.


P.S. I think there is also rdist, but I remember needing more

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