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Re: sendmail config Q.

Hi, folks

	I have a similar question:

	Almost every client that uses sendmail to post mail to my ISP uses my 
login_name.machine_name for the return address. I get my mail from a POP
account using fetchmail, so my actual mail address is my user_name@my_ISP.
I don't have the problem with TkMail or mutt because those clients have an option to
insert the correct info. How can I get sendmail to do this? 

	TIA for any help.

zhaoway wrote:
>> From debian-user@lists.debian.org Sun Dec 27 09:10:22 1998
>> Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 12:57:34 +0800
>> From: zhaoway <zhaoway@public1.ptt.js.cn>
>> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
>> Subject: sendmail config Q. 
>> i want to rewrite the reply-to addr. according to the receipent's email
>> addr.
>> i don't know howto. anyone can help me? i use sendmail.
>> why i want this, if you have interests to read on:-)
>> my boss do not want to manage multiple email accounts.
>> he setup his reply-to addr. to be boss@smallco.com, and want to
>> deliever local mail locally, but you see, when manager got the boss's
>> local email, and do a reply, it's forward to boss@smallco.com which is 
>> through the isdn to our isp, but the boss want it be delievered locally,
>> directlly, to boss@private.domain which is in our local LAN. i hope you
>> got it.
>> thank you for your patience on my englidh :-)
>> TIA
>> zhaoway
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