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Re: ISDN: using Home Highway


Ship's Log, Lt. Andrew Wilson, Stardate 271298.0247:
> The board I'm using is one marketed by British Telecom, they call it "BT
> Speedway ISDN PCI Card" it appears to be have been produced by a German
> company and the included software for windows was written by AVM-GmbH.
> The Board uses the Siemans 2168 chip and may be supported by
> the Hisax driver.

Ok, I have a AVM Fritzkard, donnow if that's what you have.

First compile your Kernel with ISDN:

    <M> ISDN support                                                     
    [*] Support synchronous PPP                                          
    [*] Use VJ-compression with synchronous PPP                          
    [ ] Support generic MP (RFC 1717)                                    
    [*] Support audio via ISDN                                           
    <M> ICN 2B and 4B support                                            
    <M> isdnloop support                                                 
    <M> PCBIT-D support                                                  
    <M> HiSax SiemensChipSet driver support                              
    [*] HiSax Support for EURO/DSS1                                      
    [*] Support for german tarifinfo                                     
    [*] HiSax Support for german 1TR6                                    
    [*] HiSax Support for AVM A1 (Fritz)                                 
    <?> AVM-B1 with CAPI2.0 support                                      
The first depend also on whatever your ISP suports. (I think :)

> I have been able to get the board working with Windows 95, It gave the
> following information
> 	I/O address	6100
> 	IRQ		11
> 	Protocol	DSS1
> Can anyone offer any ideas as to how I can get this board to work with
> Linux?

The next is to write a file in /etc/modutils with this line in it:

options hisax type=5 protocol=2 io=0x6100 irq=11

See also /usr/src/linux/Documentation/isdn/README.HiSax

Then change /etc/isdn/* to fit your needs. (It'll be handy to have some
informations from your ISP about protocolls and stuff)

Hope that'll work :)

You should also consider installing isdnutils :-)
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