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ISDN: using Home Highway


I've been using Linux For about 2 years but I have just got an ISDN
connection and am a bit lost. I am connected to British Telecom's Home
Highway service.

The board I'm using is one marketed by British Telecom, they call it "BT
Speedway ISDN PCI Card" it appears to be have been produced by a German
company and the included software for windows was written by AVM-GmbH.
The Board uses the Siemans 2168 chip and may be supported by
the Hisax driver.

I have been able to get the board working with Windows 95, It gave the
following information

	I/O address	6100
	IRQ		11
	Protocol	DSS1

Can anyone offer any ideas as to how I can get this board to work with

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