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Re: [Installation Partition Problem]

debian-user-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Hi!
> > I am a newcomer to the Linux arena. I've been a MS
> [...]
> > information on my HD after I run debian install,
> > the HD is setup into 4 Non-MSDOS partitions, and
> > they are all blown WAY out of proportion, like I have one, 151 MB
partition on a 120 MB hard drive,
> > and all the other partitions are huge. I have a 
> > feeling that's something that's causing fdisk's 
> > error message. Any help would be appreciated.
> try to remove all partitions with M$-fdisk, it´s never an failure to
> create/remove partitions with the OS which should/has worked on it
> and try to autodetect your harddrive if in the laptop´s bios there´s such
> option (well, i don´t know your hardware at all)
> until next mail ;)
Yeah...I tried the wonderful MS-fdisk version, but I'd get the same 
problem once I use the rescue disk to boot into Linux. Also I looked 
closely at my bootup messages and found that Linux did happen to figure
out the correct drive geometry. And so I'd get the same error message.
But I figured out a "loop hole" to get through it. I just went into the
shell and then used linux's fdisk and then deleted all those 4 partitions
and then went back into dinstal, and then cfdisk ran just fine. So I dont
know if there's a wierd compile I got on that that uses a specific drive
image or what the deal is, but I did happen to get around it.

Nils =O)
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