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Ram problem (i think) win/linux

ok i just got a 128meg PC100 8ns SDRAM for xmas.. theres some problems
though.. lets start off.. the RAM is good and the place i got it is

i have an abit-bx6 motherboard and a p2 400.
heres my problems:
after i installed it i pico /etc/lilo.conf added the line: append="192m"
even though the ram test showed something like 196megs.. so i added that
rebooted (now i always have problems with my video card i gotta readjust
the wires every time i turn OFF the computer . not reboot) but this time
when i typed: startx everything went nuts and the screen got all weird..
then when i typed: shutdown -r 0.1 i got a segmentation fault..
IS IT THE RAM OR THE COMPUTER OR ME?.. now lets switch to windows95
shall we.. i go in and try to encode and mp3 cause i thought that would
be a pretty good stress test.. well during encoding the screen went
black then i got an error: error vfat.. about 20 other boxes popped up
and 1 even fucking said to reinstall windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. (shows
you what microsoft cares about).. anyway i reboot into windows i can get
in but same problems.. now i uninstall the ram and everything is happy
happy joy joy.. is it possible i installed the ram backwards?? or is
there anything else thats mest up? was 1 connector not touching.. i have
2x 32meg non pc100 and now this pc100 the reviews say it should work

plz anyone help!!


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