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RE: Matrox Xserver on Debian

On 23-Dec-98 Sean M Hollingsworth wrote:
> I am (hopefully) putting a Matrox Millennium G200 AGP in my linux box
> next month.  I know that S.u.S.E has an Xserver for this card, but I can
> only find tarballs and RPMs for it.  I now have two questions:
> 1) Is there a deb of the Matrox Xserver?
> 2) In the event I can't find a deb, would installing the xserver from a
> tarball or an RPM cause any problems with compatibility?  Say with
> updates, other libs, etc...

SuSE just gives you a server, nothing else, simply place their binary with the
other xservers (like vga16) and add a line to your /etc/Xserver for it.  No big
deal.  Once we have a 3.3.3 package you wont need the SuSE supplied server.

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