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RE: APM on Linux?

I'm experiencing the same. On my machine, suspend mode  usually
triggers a lockup after some while. Moreover, crontabs won't run and 
the system clock runs slow (well,  not the system clock in BIOS
but the Linux one); I also use the vgetty for faxing and that didn't
work anymore either.

So, I chose to disable suspend in BIOS and only allow the
PC to fall into standby mode. Until now, this works.

BTW, I  have an Asus TX97 with AMD K6-233.
The apm utilities work well, (except for "apm -s" :))

If someone has a solution I'd be happy to learn of it.

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> Subject: 	APM on Linux?
> Hi,
> It would be very nice if we can leave the computer on without
> consuming too much energy. My computer has a CMOS option to turn the
> APM on system (doze, standby, suspend) and harddisk. If I disable the
> feature, no problem; but if I enable those features, the computer
> locked after some time: no response at the keyboard, dead.
> The APM works fine on X11: the monitor will automatically enter
> suspend mode after sometime. Hope this feature also works on the whole
> system.
> What's the best way to set up the BIOS and kernel? Thanks a lot!
> Jinsong
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