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Re: WP8 - now does it *read and write* Word docs?

"Chang, FKK" wrote:
> Hello all,
> All the ranting about Corel's misleading strategies aside, before I download
> it (paying by the minute, you know), I'd like to know:
> 1) does it load Word 95 (or 97) docs *correctly* ?

I would say 95% of the time I have a perfect copy of the word
document, even 97.

> 2) does it write these *correctly* ?

I have had no problems so far.  I have edited documents and
passed them to lesser informed collegues who still use M$ and
none of them complained.  I have also created documents in
wordperfect format and then coverted them to 97 and thoes
documents also worked with my collegues.

One thing I dont like is the way it generates web pages, but
this could be just a matter of configuration.  It seems to put
in an extra blank line as every other line in the page.

> 3) can it cope with "fastsave" docs *correctly*?

Yes, all the fastsave docs I have tried have had no problems. 
The only problem I have had is with master documents.  These are
not handled at all by the looks of things.

> With `correctly', I mean "does it also understand some done-by-myself
> meddling with normal.dot and strange objects like embedded .bmps
> in such a fashion that what comes out of the printer does
> look in some way like what I see on the screen etc, etc, ..."
> (I had *quite* some problems in StarOffice with this)

I would be surprised if wp8 (or even word 2000) would be able to
handle this type of user input !!

> I don't need the equation editor (LaTeX is my friend), but I'm perfectly
> willing to sacrifice some megs on my HD for not having to reboot to NT
> to read silly Word attachments to my e-mails...

You could always encourage your friends to send you rich text
format instead of word documents.  If there was any
understanding and control over a commond document standard then
we would not have these problems...

> Has someone encountered/discovered anything?

I do actually like word perfect, it does have some nice features
over word.  I am actually tempted to buy the CD (especially as
it is only $50) even if I have to still use word once every blue
John Stevenson, Objective Alliance: www.oa.nl
"Its grip'd, its sorted.."

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