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xdm under slink: no "/etc/X11/config" file???

Hello all,

I just totally wiped out my hamm system and did a fresh install of 
slink (long story... and I must say the installation did not go as 
smoothly as a hamm installation, especially X...) anyway, I used 
dselect to download and intall "xdm"... it came up and running, but 
with 2 problems:

1. there is no /etc/X11/config file (as in hamm) in which to put the 
line "start-xdm" or "no-start-xdm"... so how do I eliminate it should 
I desire?

2. I can only login as root (get an error message if I try to log in 
as my "normal" user)... however, once in X under root, I can login to 
my normal user account....


PS - I also got a message during install to check /etc/conf.modules 
and apply its entries to /etc/modules, then run "update -modules"... 
what's up with that?

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