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Debian and Schools (was Re: Adding users from a list or database?)

I have written a set of perl scripts I collectively call roster. I consider
them work-in-progress, however I have used them at Laney College for the
last several semesters to process downloads of student lists, maintain a
central database, add unix, NT and novell-3.xx sccounts (actually, the
matter of server type has been generalized by using perl OOP; it's easy
to add a new server type), email student lists to teachers (both printable
and databaseabls) and handle mid-term adds and drops.

I strongly feel that Debian should support schools.

RMS was in a ________ when he came up with his free software philpsophy.

Linus Torvalds was attending a _______ at the time he came up with Linux.

BSD (and BSD lite) originated in a _______. Sendmail and BIND also come out
of a ________.

Isn't the answer to all of these "school"? Please, give something back to
what is arguably a big part of the community, the schools. Thanks for 
considering this.

I offer up these perl scripts primarily to support schools, altho it's likely
easy to use it for other purposes.

You can get these scripts. They are GPL.

ftp://ftp.laney.edu/pub/jim/roster/roster-0.6.0.tar.gz for the version now
in use by Laney College.

Too much? look into the newusers program, a part of the shadow passwd suite.
If you want, you can get my scripts just to see what I do.


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