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Re: Serial consoles

I would suggest an upgrade to slink (2.1) before running the development
kernels. I am running slink with 2.1.131 + a couple of performance patches
here without any issues. (The patches are Stephen Tweedie's page-cache
patch and the swapin-readahead-8.patch that I think came from Rik).
2.1.131 builds just fine with Debian-2.1 and I have had it to a load of
over 50 and used all available VM (try starting the SQL interface from
WingZ and see if it works for you) without crashing the system.

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Shane Wegner wrote:

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> Hi,
> I posted here a few months ago about getting the Debian installation
> process to work on a serial console over a null modem connection to a
> vt100 terminal.  Someone replied suggesting I replace the linux image
> provided with a developement kernel and enabling serial consoles that way.
> I am installing from a dos partition which I'll delete later so I have
> base2_1.tgz, drv1440.bin, install.bat, linux, resc1440.bin, and root.bin
> in a dos directory.  My question is will simply rebuilding that linux file
> as a developement kernel and editing install.bat appropriately be enough
> or do I need to modify anything on root.bin?  Also, do I have to rebuild
> drv1440.bin with the 2.1 modules and what modules and kernel compile
> options should I enable for the Debian install program to go smoothly?
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