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Re: WP8 experience

On Fri, Dec 18, 1998 at 03:54:53PM +1100, Tadeusz Bak wrote:
|I have downloaded WP8 (from ftp.download.com, file
|/pub/win95/business/GUILG/GUILG00.GZ) and installed it in my Debian (hamm)
|system under /usr/local. The whole process was very easy: gunzip, untar
|and run 'Runme'. However I am a bit disappointed. When I tried to read a
|RTF file I got some corrupted text and many black rectangles on the
|pages. WP8 didn't report any errors. The same file I could read into
|StarOffice 5.0 and then print without any problems. And yes, I have all
|libc5 compatible libraries:

The worst thing I met with WP8 is it segfault when it's trying to read
a Word file that consists only of graphics and texts. SO 5.0 can read
and print it without any problem. Should be a WP problem, but don't know
where to send a bug report to.

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