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RE: Socket programming

On 16-Dec-98 Lazar Fleysher wrote:
> HI Everyone,
> This is not a debian-specific question, but have no-one else to ask. I
> have been playing with sockets and can not seem to figure out how to use
> select() system call. I am trying to monitor wether a socket is ready for
> read and write. Read-monitor works ok, but wrtie --not. When the other
> side closes the connection select still reports that the socket is ready
> to write. Maybe i chould use some option in setsockopt or something. 
> Also if some one could suggest a good reference on the sugject, I would be
> very grateful.

Zoro, go to a local book store and buy W. Richard Stevens amazing book, Unix
network programming volume 1.  Everything (I mean everything) you ever wanted
to know about sockets and network programming is in this book.  It cost me $45
US -- it is worth every cent.

W. Richard Stevens is one of the top CS people -- up there with Knuth in my

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