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Re: printing from netscape

On Wed, Dec 16, 1998 at 10:10:27AM -0600, Brian Morgan wrote:
> How do you print to a remote printer from netscape?  When I click on the
> "print" button, I get a screen with the print command defaulting to "lpd."
> Is there some other place I need to specify which printer in my printcap I
> want to print to?  I've got my printcap setup with a couple of different
> printers, named by their host name.  If I just click "PRINT" when taking the
> defaults, it gives me an error:  "lpd:  Fatal error - another print spooler
> is using TCP printer port, possibly lpd process '139'"

I think you want the print command to be "lpr".  Then if you want
to print to a printer other than the default use "lpr -P PRINTERNAME".
I could be wrong, though.  What do you use to print outside of
netscape? If you use "lpr", then I am pretty sure my suggestion 
should work

Jim Crumley                 |
crumley@belka.space.umn.edu |

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