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RE: Help!!!!!! Package install problems!!!

I  have the same type of CDROM. I used the goldstar cdrom driver (gscd). I
works fine. Try that driver and you should have full access to the CD.

It is possible to use dselect without the the packages file - but I don't
recommend this. I have done it that way and it can lead to problems. When I
did use dselect, I only copied one package file - do to HD space limits. It
will function but you may not find some of your .debs. If you copy the
package file from contrib non of the non-free  packages will be reflected.
Then you would need to dpkg those debs. If you use the DOS or HARDRIVE
installs you will need the full path names that you have saved your debs to.
Packages does need to be in one of the directories listed in your dselect

Hope this helps. If you want more details let me know.

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	   I'm reposting this message with a few clarifications in the hope
	someone will answer my questions.

	I was recently lent an old 486 PC by a friend so that I could do
	Web server development. The machine is not mine and not readily
	upgradable so I HAVE to work with what I have. First limitation is
	the machine only has ~360Mb of hard disk space, limitation number 2
	that the machine has an old CDROM drive with an ISA based
	controller card. This card is NOT supported by Linux, though I have
	DOS boot disc with the nescessary drivers for DOS. I also have
	Cheapbytes version of the Debian 2.0 CD.

	OK. Now I cann't load Debian directly off of the CD because the
	drive is not supported. So I got base installed on the machine by
	creating a 30MB Dos partition and copying the basic installation
	on to it from DOS. Install went OK up to the point where I need to
	install packages, then the lack of the CD (and space on the HD for
	temporary storage) became a problem. I need parts of about 8 or 9
	packages some of which will involve loading up to 80MB at a time in
	temporary storage if I can't use the CD as source.

	My problem is how to load the rest of the packages. I have a couple
	ideas and would like to know the answers to a few specific

	1) Idea 1

	I could copy a few packages at a time onto the 30Mb Dos drive and
	install from there. 

	Question 1 --- To run dselect do I only need the .deb files or do I
	the "packages" files too? 

	Question 2 --- If I do need the "packages" file do I have to edit it
	reflect the actual path to the .deb files? If not how do you deal
	loading packages from paths different from those in the package

	Question 3 --- What constitutes a package? I have several
	called things like "net" do I copy the whole directory or just the
	files I seem to need?

	Idea 2

	I also have a laptop PC with a working CDROM (running win95) on
	I've installed an FTPD for win95. 

	Question 4 --- when I try to use this machine as an FTP source,
	seems to expect a specific layout dist/stable/main et al

	Unfortunately my CD has the form d:/debian/hamm/hamm... How can I
	this so that Dselect can read fron the remote drive?

	Question 5 --- the "packages" file has the paths to the files listed
	dist/stable/main etc. However, the layout of my CD is
	D:/debian/hamm/hamm/binary-i386/... would I need a new packages file
	with the paths corrected?

	Question 6 --- is it possible to use a "packages" file in a
	path from where the .deb files are stored?

	Hope that you can send me some answers... I've been pulling my hair
	over this all week.



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