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Re: How to test RAM?

Alexander Kushnirenko wrote:
> Hi, Ed!
> Just want to share my experience with memtest86.  I had a bad memory module,
> as I found out later.  There are 2 ways of memtest running: as a boot process
> and from inside Linux.  Installation of memtest86 as an independent boot
> process (you can have memtest in your LILO - Linux, Dos and MemTest for
> example) DID NOT catch the bad memory module - it reported that everyting was
> fine.  On the other hand running memtest from Linux (then you have to guess
> your free memory right and give it as an argument) indeed reported the
> problem.  So I would recommend running memtest in both modes to catch the bad
> memory module.
> Well, in my case I started to beleive that memory was OK only when X stopped
> to crash spontaneously on me :)
> Sasha.
> > >   Not a debian package but I use memtest86.  I have the tar.gz file if
> > > you can't fina it.
> > >
> >       Thanks, but FYI:  another respondant said memtest86 is part of the
> > hwtools deb package that I'm downloading now.

	Thanks, Alexander; I'll test both ways.

Ed C.

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