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/etc/init.d startup file for CFS

Greets gang,

I've been playing around with CFS (the cryptographic file system, found
in non-us in Debian). It's a little broken.

The cattach command doesn't work, but I've found a way around that one 
(snatched the binary out of a redhat rpm).

The other thing it's missing is an /etc/init.d file to start it up when
the system boots.

I've tried putting a script in rc.boot, but that is executed before the
rc2.d files, it seems, and it wont work until the nfs stuff is going. So
it looks like I need to put it in rc2.d, after the NFS stuff.

What I was hoping is that someone already had one they could send me -
seems a bit silly reinventing the wheel. I'm not too great at the shell
scripting... If I didn't have to worry about the 'start' and 'stop'
stuff, I could prolly use the one I already have...

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Damon Muller (damon@empire.net.au)
Masters Candidate
Department of Criminology
University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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