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Re: exim rewriting rules

>What version of exim are you using?  I'm going to have to upgrade to
>this, because this behavior is what I want.  Currently, I use a
>patched exim to get exactly this behavior.  If exim now does this by
>default (that is, local mail _doesn't_ get rewritten) I can stop using 
>my hacked together version.
>As for tracking down your problem - why don't you open up
>/etc/exim.conf and look at the "localuser" director (search for a line
>beginning with "localuser:"), the smarthost router (again, find a line
>beginning with "smarthost:") and the "remote_smtp" and
>"local_delivery" transports.  One of these may say something about
>rewriting - if so, copy the rewriting information from the remote
>configuration (smarthost or remote_smtp) to the corresponding local
>config. (localuser or local_delivery).
>Hrm - looking at the latest exim documentation I don't see anything
>about local-only rewriting.  Are you just using the default

I'm using the exim that comes with slink. At least on the NFS server
that I install debs from (gwyneth.rydnet.liu.se). I haven't done any
configuration ohter than eximconf and adding the rewrite I mentioned
daniel@i203.ryd.student.liu.se danel698@student.liu.se fr
(could be wrong, it's from memory)

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