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Re: Cannon BJC-4100 printer

In article <[🔎] 19981209183333.A1580@computron> you write:
>On mar, 08 dic 1998 10:55:11 Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
>>         Hi Debian users,
>>         I have a problem.
>>         I installed lpr and magicfilter from hamm and can't print in
>> colors with
>> my printer: Canon BJC-4100. I tried the bjc-600 filter.

The information in the Ghostscript Printer Compatibility page
might/might-not be of some use:

http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/printer.html [1]

However, I find the entry for BJC-4100 confusing - maybe it would
make more sense if I actually had the printer:

"* bjc600 - Canon BubbleJet BJC-4100 (4.01) no colour. For colour, use
BJSETUP.EXE and the Epson LQ driver epson. See
[URL ommitted due to my laziness]"

[1] Is this URL documented anywhere inside the Debian package for
gs? If so, I can't find it. If not, I think it should be...

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