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Re: ??? playing cd's in cdplayer ???

IN order to use audio CD's with debian you need to add yourself
to two groups.  First the audio group to get access to /dev/dsp
etc so you can hear sound.  Secondly you need to be part of the
disk group to get access to disks other than the linux partions.

So as root, use the following commands:

adduser username audio
adduser username disk

where username is your login name.  (sorry if I am making this
too obvious)

On the bit about sound, as far as I know you have to recompile
the kernel.  The only other possible way would be if you use the


and see if you install a sound module for your card.  I dont
think this is actually possible though, as sound is not able to
be a module (as far as I know).


Rich Hartman wrote:
> I just got my cdrom setup by modifying my fstab file (thanks for the
> help!) so that it is user-mountable... Now I can mount it and read a
> data-type cd... However, when I try to mount it when an audio cd is
> in, it says it's not a proper filesystem (which I guess it's not...)
> but if it's not mounted, how can i use a cdplayer program to listen
> to the cd... when the drive is not mounted, i get a message saying
> that the cdrom is unaccessable...
> On a similar note - I'm running hamm, and I have a Soundblaster Awe64
> (PnP) and a plug'n'play BIOS... during setup, I vaguely recall
> picking a soundblaster driver (does this seem possible?)... If I just
> want to listen to cds and .wav files or mpeg3 files, should I have to
> recompile the kernel and all of that other harsh stuff described in
> the sound HOWTO?
> Thanks in advance,
> Rich
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