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Re: firewall question

Weel, we have all our data available in a web server, so we'd like to browse
the data in the same way. Maybe we can have something like:

      CLIENT                FW          SERVER
 authenticator-daemon     firewall    web server

when the user outside the firewall ask to connect via https://
then the firewall can ask the client to autenticate himself.
the daemon should pop up and ask the user for login and password
and then the daemon will send to the firewall the login and demo (also via ssl)
so the firewall will let the first client connection connects to the
web server.

We also have the problem to accept connection from Linux and Windows


Marc Haber wrote:
> Since you have to worry about security, I'd rather not transmit
> unencrypted data over the Internet. You want to use ssh to log in to a
> host on the Intranet and use ssh port forwarding to access your inside
> data. That way, you'd only need to open the ssh port in the firewall.

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