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hardware questions - Promise Ultra DMA 33 + Asus TX97E

Hello all,

I know that hardware questions aren't reallly the thing here
but I do not have regular access to newsgroups so I try anyway :)

OnIDE0 (Motherboard) I have a UDMA Quantum fireball 3.2G as master, no
On IDE1 I have DMA quantum sirocco 1.6G as master (PIO4), no slave;
Since I want to attach some other IDE devices (CD, Zip, CD-RW, Tape)
disturbing the 'fast' HDs, I have bought
a Promise Ultra DMA-33 card for ide2 and 3. It is given IRQ 10 by the BIOS
and the video card (Tseng ET6000) gets IRQ11. These IRQs are both unused by

I run stock hamm, custom kernel 2.1.131 (or 2.0.36). I have an Asus
TX97E, K6-233, 80M. ISA MAD16 sound card, IRQ 7/9, Ditto Dash, IRQ5,
Internal modem on ttyS3, IRQ 3. 

A problem arises when I start Linux with the new card.
When booting, it always hangs on
"checking partitions... 
and nothing happens. Ctl-alt-del doesn't work. 

I turned off all BIOS settings for UDMA and set drive I/O to the lowest
(mode 0/0). Then I get (from the top of my head) some messages in braces:
"checking partitions....
	{ DriveSeek Complete Drive Not ready Error 0x50 }
or somthing like that. The drive still hangs.

BTW, there are NO drives attached to the card (yet). When I remove 
the card, all is OK. NT boots as well (always, btw).

Strange thing is, the card (formally) has nothing to do with hda, or does
I know UDMA used to be a problem, but not with these recent kernels I use?
What DMA channel is used for it? Should I reserve it in BIOS?
I hope someone has an idea here....
If you want, I'll be more specific (though I have no access to that PC here)

Thanks in advance,


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